311 Entertainment


The Client

311 Entertainment is a full service event management company which hosts corporate and social events in the Middle East. The company has emerged as an innovator and change maker in the event planning industry and offers clients a range of event solutions.

1. The Brief

The client came to us with a basic problem. Their logo didn’t represent who they are. It was too ordinary to be noticed and did not portray the company as a big contender in the event space. They wanted to stand out more and get noticed.

2. The Big Idea

We created something that exactly represents who the brand is. We incorporated the basic foundation of the company i.e. entertainment by bringing in a show reel into the logo. Very simply we illustrated a show reel in the shape of the Roman number 3. And we had in place – 311!

3. The Result

The logo we produced perfectly symbolized the brand as artistic, classic and niche. It was bold yet feminine and classy yet simple. People began to look at the brand with a new sense of admiration. It began to be perceived as a premium design house which produced quality products with a personal touch. In a place like Mumbai, it is difficult to stand out in terms of creativity. But our unique design inspired a whole community of people to actually stop, look back and take notice of the brand.