Dorje Doma


The Client

Dorje Doma is an Interior design store in Mumbai which provides everything from design services to custom made furniture and home decor products. A young brand, their work focuses on minimalism with an edge of class and elegance.

1. The Brief

They came to us wanting a logo which was strong enough to launch them in the market with a bang. They wanted something that clearly represents the element of style and personal touch and which would portray them as a very niche brand.

2. The Big Idea

Dorje Doma is all about interiors. Adding a personal touch which was unique, classy and starkly different from anything else in the market is what they focused on. We realized that interiors are something highly personal. It’s a reflection of a person’s personality and a representation of who they are. So we created a logo that used the two D’s in the company name as a reflection of each other. The message was clear – Design is a reflection of yourself. We also added a feminine touch by introducing filigree. Its delicate tracing brought to the logo an element of class and sophistication while retaining its simplicity. We used shades of gold and grey to perfect the image of elegance in simplicity.

3. The Result

The logo we produced perfectly symbolized the brand as artistic, classic and niche. It was bold yet feminine and classy yet simple. People began to look at the brand with a new sense of admiration. It began to be perceived as a premium design house which produced quality products with a personal touch. In a place like Mumbai, it is difficult to stand out in terms of creativity. But our unique design inspired a whole community of people to actually stop, look back and take notice of the brand.