Goel Ganga


The Client

Goel Ganga is one of Pune’s most prestigious and advanced builders. Its USP lies in providing innovative solutions and creative designs, and today Goel Ganga boasts of a legacy spanning over three and a half decades.

1. The Brief

In the maze of builders that have set up base in Pune, we needed to set Goel Ganga apart. We couldn’t just portray them as just another real estate company in the city. We needed to tell people that they are a lot more than just any builder! Our brief was to design brochures for each of their upcoming projects that symbolized the brand and the individual projects.

2. The Big Idea

We decided to add a personal touch to the builder’s branding. We designed a series of brochures focusing on the idea of the ‘5 Senses’. The idea was that Goel Ganga’s projects were so perfectly designed that it catered to each of the 5 senses. So we gave each project a tag line which associated it with a particular sense. We had Ganga Fernhill, Elegance you can touch; Ganga Fairmont, Perfection that you can seeand the rest of the projects imbibed the same feel.

3. The Result

We had managed to create one strong concept that included all of Goel Ganga’s upcoming projects. Thus, without losing their individual identity, we clearly brought out various aspects of the projects through a collective theme. People could easily identify with the brand and by adding a personal touch to it, the brand was able to generate more interest about their projects.