Milano Green


The Client

Milano Green; an ultra-premium Italian vodka is not just the world's finest ingredient driven vodka, it’s an expression of your passion, curiosity and seductively discerning tastes. It symbolizes your appreciation for the finer things in life.

1. The Brief

As a brand that produces ultra-premium vodka, Milano Green approached us to create their website. The brief was to create an ultra-chic website that best portrayed the exclusivity & premium nature of the brand.

2. The Big Idea

Owing to the exclusive nature of the brand & the strong Italian background, the idea was to keep website layout clean, crisp & classy. It was imperative to incorporate a seamless, free flowing design to represent the smooth finish & natural flavours of the vodka itself. A smart layout with a clean interface & enhanced user experience were understood to be instrumental in representing the philosophy of the brand and helping it resonate with its target audience.

3. The Result

The result was a stunning & crisp website that best embodied the spirit & philosophy of Milano Green while at the same time staying true to the sensibilities of its target audience. The subtle design nuances and interactive tabs like ‘Tastemakers’ & ‘#VodkaSnob’ were an instant hit with the people and helped establish Milano Green as an ultra-premium vodka, just the way they intended it to be!