The Client

The Royal Western Indian Turf Club (R.W.I.T.C.) is India’s Premier Horse Racing Club. This Exclusive club is highly coveted and enjoys the patronage of socialites and eminent personalities alike.

1. The Brief

The client came to us with the single-minded objective of increasing Social Media traffic and awareness for their brand.

2. The Big Idea

The idea was to change the perception of the brand, one that was synonymous with horse racing and betting. A holistic view of the brand helped us create a community that involved people from all walks of life. We created a portal that covered every aspect at the R.W.I.T.C. and brought together animal lovers, party-goers & genuine lovers of the sport.

3. The Result

A steady surge in the online traffic that visited the page along with numerous viral campaigns that reached thousands of people across the nation and garnered 700+ shares. The page saw a complete turn around and witnessed a massive increase in page likes as well as organic traction.