The Client

Würfel is a premium modular kitchen and wardrobe brand that aims to revolutionise the Indian modular kitchen industry with its commitment of providing the finest European Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes at a highly competitive pricing.

1. The Brief

The brief was to create a strong positioning, one that reflects the brand philosophy, showcases the exclusivity of the brand while not alienating potential customers from the mid-market segments. The challenge arose from the previous positioning of the brand, one that was completely misaligned from the desired brand language & lacked the desired brand awareness.

2. The Big Idea

Owing to the complex nature of the product, namely making a high-end modular kitchen sound appealing to multiple market segments across all geographies, social & financial strata’s, we decided to capture the one thing that seamlessly blends into the mind sets of all these diverse target groups: Emotion. We created a positioning that connected to every individual through core emotion & nostalgia factor. To keep in-line with the brand personality we creating a simple and free-flowing UI/UX that was comfortable to the user. The main purpose was to create content that resonated with Indian sensibilities while being relatable to the diverse Indian market.

3. The Result

The result was a clean & simple design that users loved to interact with. The web traffic jumped by 73% and users were spending an average of 4 minutes on the website as compared to the 2 minutes on the previous site. Moreover the enquiries through the website also shot up by 60%.